Coming Soon - 2015 Membership and Licence Numbers

Membership fees for 2015 will be annouced within the next 2 weeks and applications for membership will then open shortly thereafter. We do not yet have the ASA 2015 application forms and we will make these available as soon as we get them from ASA. New licences from ASA typically become available around January/February of the new year - until ASA make the 2015 licences available, you can run in your 2014 number.

Unfortunately we do not have any more 2014 licences available.


Time Trial Duty Roster Volunteers Needed Aug - September 2014

Almost halfway through August already !!! Can you believe it ! At least the decent weather is on its way again so we should start to see more runners returning from hibernation and getting back on the road. We are in need of volunteers for Clocks and Bar Duty for the upcoming weeks at Time Trial. Red blocks below mark where help is needed.


Old Eds Waters Volunteers Needed

The Annual HFPA Old Eds 21km and 10km happens on the 3rd of August 2014 and Sunninghill Striders Running Club has agreed to support one of the water points. We are looking for volunteers to assist. If you can help on the day, please contact anyone on the committee or via the club email address